In June 2019 Highland Sanctuary released his first song “Hold Me Tight”. Since then, he inspires as a one-man show at concerts and his music can be heard on major radio stations in Switzerland, the Arab region, South Africa and many other countries.
Now the Swiss multi-talent is releasing new sounds. With “Weekend” Highland Sanctuary releases his first song in 2021 and we get to hear a more modern country sound. Still Highland Sanctuary is playing all instruments by himself, sings and has also written all songs by himself. But that’s not all, he produces all songs in his own recording studio Famous Sound Productions.
Who would have ever imagined this: meeting friends nowadays comes with several restrictions and has become rarer. Highland Sanctuary: “For me it is something extremely valuable to forget time and space together with friends and just have a good time. Right now, this has gained huge value.”
The song “The Weekend” is about this topic and combines it with music that makes you forget your worries and enjoy the times you spend together with your friends.

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