Behind the new Swiss folk-pop act Highland Sanctuary is the young, extremely talented musician, singer/songwriter and music producer Simeon.
The artist from Berne grew up in a family of musicians. As a child he attended piano and percussion lessons and at high school he also had guitar lessons and acquired music theoretical knowledge. Afterwards, he deepened his knowledge and skills at the University of Music. As versatile as his father, who is a professional musician, Simeon taught himself other instruments such as electric bass, contrabass, banjo, alto saxophone, trumpet and tin-whistle.
It doesn’t really sound like it, but Highland Sanctuary is a one-man band. Simeon plays all the instruments himself, sings and has written all the songs himself. But not enough, he produced all songs in his own recording studio Famous Sound Productions.This concept is also consistently applied live: Highland Sanctuary presents a crazy one-man-show!
The debut single and other songs are planned for 2019. The productions are in their final stages, and the production of a music video in Ireland is currently underway. As the term “Highland” indicates, instruments from Irish folk music are mainly used.
Influenced by The Passenger and Mumford and Sons, Highland Sanctuary creates an unmistakable sound that is guaranteed to sweep people away on the radio, in pubs and at festivals. Highland Sanctuary – one of the most promising new acts in 2019!

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