On June 21st, the long awaited debut Album ANYTHING BUT NEW of the Swiss Band F. Way will be released.
After the first two Rock Ballads IF SHADOWS and SWEET AND SOUR, FIGHTER is now the third energic single by the emergent upcoming Band from Ticino.
The song expresses in particular the will of F. Way to pursue in their musical path.
This specific will, enriched with courage and a lot of energy, will take them once again to Ukraine and Russia this summer.
The song FIGHTER is all about being yourself and believing in what you do.
Bandleader Febo: “The only opinion that matters is your own and the only real thing that counts, is to be okey with it.”

Videomaking: Fabio Balassi Video Production
Acting: Elisa Colusso & Siham Lahbachi
Dive & Joshi – Dj Bromance

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