Richness is not necessarily dependent on money. For example, you can also be rich in valuable fellow human beings. This is exactly what the upcoming new single “Rich Man” by Swiss multi-talent Highland Sanctuary expresses.
With his current song “Look Back Anymore”, Highland Sanctuary has been in the internationally hot Spotify playlist “Fresh Finds Country” for over four weeks and many of his songs are played by national and international radio stations.
The song “Rich Man” is another absolute music highlight – written, completely self-recorded and produced by Highland Sanctuary.
The song will be released on November 5, 2021.

Reichtum ist nicht zwangsweise von Geld abhängig. Man kann zum Beispiel auch reich sein an wertvollen Mitmenschen. Genau dies drückt die kommende neue Single „Rich Man“ vom Schweizer Multitalent Highland Sanctuary aus.
Mit seinem aktuellen Song „Look Back Anymore“ befindet sich Highland Sanctuary seit über vier Wochen in der international heiss begehrten Spotify Playlist „Fresh Finds Country“ und vieler seiner Songs werden von nationalen und internationalen Radiostationen gespielt.
Der Song „Rich Man“ ist ein weiteres absolutes Musik Highlight – geschrieben, komplett selber eingespielt und produziert von Highland Sanctuary.
Der Song erscheint am 5. November 2021.

La ricchezza non dipende necessariamente dal denaro. Per esempio, si può essere ricchi anche attraverso i preziosi compagni di vita. Questo è esattamente ciò che esprime il nuovo singolo “Rich Man” del multitalento svizzero Highland Sanctuary.
Con la sua attuale canzone “Look Back Anymore”, Highland Sanctuary è nella playlist di Spotify “Fresh Finds Country”, ambita a livello internazionale, per oltre quattro settimane e molte delle sue canzoni vengono suonate da stazioni radio nazionali e internazionali.
La canzone “Rich Man” è un altro highlight musicale assoluto – scritta, completamente registrata e prodotta da Highland Sanctuary.
La canzone uscirà il 5 novembre 2021.