In several online sessions the Swiss multi-talent Highland Sanctuary wrote together with Wild Fire from Huston (USA) with “Look Back Anymore” his first song, which he did not write completely alone. He remained faithful to everything else, so Highland Sanctuary played all the instruments himself as before and produced the song.
The sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig of Wild Fire are considered promising newcomers in the American country music scene and have been described by Linda Wilson (president of the Texas Country Music Association), for example, as one of the most up-and-coming country acts. With more than 200,000 followers on social media, Wild Fire already has an impressive reach.
Highland Sanctuary on the song “Look Back Anymore”: “For me, it’s much more important to look forward than to look back. I can’t change anything about the past, but I can change the future. Moreover, I don’t want to change anything about the past, because this path has shaped me into who I am today and shows me where I come from.”
“Look Back Anymore” is a beautiful, modern country music ballad.

In mehreren Onlinesessions schrieb das Schweizer Multitalent Highland Sanctuary zusammen mit Wild Fire aus Huston (USA) mit „Look Back Anymore“ seinen ersten Song, welchen er nicht ganz alleine schrieb. Allem anderen blieb er treu, so spielte Highland Sanctuary wie bisher alle Instrumente selber ein und produzierte den Song.
Die Schwestern Kelli und Kayla Iutzwig von Wild Fire gelten in der amerikanischen Countryszene als vielversprechende Newcomer und wurden zum Beispiel von Linda Wilson (Präsidentin der Texas Country Music Association) als eines der aufstrebendsten Country Acts bezeichnet. Mit mehr als 200.000 Followern in den sozialen Netzwerken haben Wild Fire bereits eine beeindruckende Reichweite.
Highland Sanctuary zum Song „Look Back Anymore“: „Für mich ist es viel wichtiger nach Vorne als zurück zu schauen. An der Vergangenheit kann ich nichts verändern, an der Zukunft aber sehr wohl. Zudem möchte ich an der Vergangenheit nichts ändern, denn dieser Weg hat mich zu dem geformt der ich heute bin und zeigt mir wo ich her komme.“
„Look Back Anymore“ ist eine wunderschöne, moderne Country-Musik Ballade.

In varie sessioni online, il multitalento svizzero Highland Sanctuary ha scritto la sua prima canzone, “Look Back Anymore”, insieme a Wild Fire di Huston (USA). È rimasto fedele a tutto il resto, così Highland Sanctuary ha suonato da solo tutti gli strumenti come prima e ha prodotto la canzone.
Le sorelle Kelli e Kayla Iutzwig di Wild Fire sono considerate promettenti esordienti nella scena della musica country americana e sono state descritte da Linda Wilson (presidente della Texas Country Music Association), per esempio, come uno degli atti country più emergenti. Con più di 200.000 follower sui social media, Wild Fire ha già una portata impressionante.
Highland Sanctuary sulla canzone “Look Back Anymore”: “Per me, è molto più importante guardare avanti che indietro. Non posso cambiare il passato, ma posso cambiare il futuro. Inoltre, non voglio cambiare nulla del passato, perché questo percorso mi ha plasmato in quello che sono oggi e mi mostra da dove vengo”.
“Look Back Anymore” è una bella ballata di musica country moderna.

Look Back Anymore

Artist : Highland Sanctuary
Format : Digital