The duo GroovHertz, with the Italian Gionathan and the South Korean Crayon 88, is an extraordinarily exciting music project. Free from clichés and short-lived trends, we experience refreshing, creative music with many different facets.
With “Don’t Break the Rhythm”, GroovHertz release an atypical electronic music track in which Gionathan’s soulfully sung verses alternate with Crayon 88’s energetic synth bass drops.
The musical juxtaposition of two seemingly distant musical worlds creates something unique and unexpected. A fascinating song that caresses the soul and enraptures the body.


Don’t Break the Rhythm

Release Date : June 21, 2024
Artists : Gionathan, GroovHertz
Genres : Bass House, Dance, EDM
Format : Digital
EAN/UPC : 085365408197