Back! The two DJs and producers X-Stylez and Two-M from Lucerne (Switzerland) are back after a family and professional break. Together with DJ FreeG, with whom they already released the chart success “Feet in the Sand”, they now release their new single “Back”.
Also in streaming X-Stylez & Two-M are an extremely successful Swiss act. “Feet in the Sand” already has over 700’000 streams and the internationally successful single “Stay” (Disco:wax, Sony ATV) already has over 2 million streams.

Back! Die beiden Luzerner DJs und Produzenten X-Stylez und Two-M sind nach familiärer- und beruflicher Pause zurück. Zusammen mit DJ FreeG, mit welchem sie bereits den Chartserfolg „Feet in the Sand“ veröffentlicht haben, erscheint nun die neue Single „Back“.
Auch im Streaming sind X-Stylez & Two-M ein ausserordentlich erfolgreicher Schweizer Act. „Feet in the Sand hat bereits über 700’000 Streams und die international erfolgreiche Single „Stay“ (Disco:wax, Sony ATV) verzeichnet bereits über 2 Millionen Streams.

Back! I due dj e produttori lucernesi X-Stylez e Two-M sono tornati dopo una pausa familiare e professionale. Ora pubblicano  il nuovo singolo “Back” insieme a DJ FreeG con cui hanno pubblicato anche “Feet in the Sand”, brano che ha avuto successo nelle classifiche.
Anche nello streaming X-Stylez & Two-M sono artisti svizzeri di grande successo. “Feet in the Sand” ha già oltre 700’000 stream e il singolo di successo internazionale “Stay” (Disco:way, Sony ATV) ha supera i 2 milioni di stream.

Back (with FreeG)

Artists : FreeG, X-Stylez | Two-M
Format : Digital