I Will Win the Race

Voci di Sion

I Will Win the Race
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01 Dance 06:09
02 Send Down the Rain 06:39
03 I Will Win the Race 06:48
04 Listen to Every Beat of My Heart 05:13
05 I Will Offer (Isaiah 6) 05:46
06 I Will Always Worship You 07:01
07 Returning to You 09:22
08 Higher 06:51
09 Sacrifice of Praise (Hebrews 13,15) 06:05
10 Your Presence Is 05:07
11 The King Is Coming 08:09

Voci di Sion

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Short Bio of the Artist

In 1997, Giuseppe Conte, an Italian worship leader, pianist and composer had a dream: he wanted to bring before the throne of God a new song which expressed all the passion and the heart of the Italians. Because the heart of worship is worship from the heart! That’s how Voci di Sion (Voices of Zion) worship band was born. To them worship music is more than just a song, more than just a prayer. It is rather a sincere worship which expresses their love for God through spontaneous songs, prophetic intersession, spiritual warfare and contemplative prayer to our beautiful Bridegroom Jesus. They would like to bring a worship in Spirit and in Truth in every sphere of the church beyond denomination boundaries of Christianity in Italy and abroad.

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