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If you have any questions regarding our Download Store, which are not answered in the FAQ below, you can contact us here. By telephone: 0041 (0)91 630 29 28

Introduction to the Downloadshop of profimusic

In our downloadshop only media with Christian contents are offered. In typical downloadshops it is incredibly hard to find Christian music. It is often hidden away in the category “Religious”. However in this category there is also music which is influenced by different religious belief systems. Therefore it becomes extremely difficult to successfully navigate through those stores.

Our shop finally brings order to the Christian media by categorizing them according to their contents. With us you can always be sure that the offered products are influenced by Christ without having to search meticulously.

Another innovation of our downloadshop is the possibility for You to offer your own productions (music, literature, etc.) to an international crowd. In the newly created upload area everybody who produces/records music themselves or does own right to songs has the opportunity to enter all information about the production and send it to us.

You alone are responsible for the price setting, and you are free to choose whatever price you want to offer. However our offer does not only concern music you can also upload eBooks, audiobooks or teachings. And once again you are the one choosing the price. Additionaly you have the opportunity to make your product available globally in all major downloadshops and streaming providers through us. Your product will then be available e.g. on iTunes or Spotify.

Our shop focuses on an international audience which is why we chose the Euro as base currency.

To create the pricing clearly and make purchasing without credit card available we have created our own shop currency (Points) for the purchase of downloads, which matches 1:1 with the Euro.

By signing up with us you will receive your own points account which can be charged by coupons, credit card or invoice. All transactions in our store are then going through this account. Once it is charged it is possible for you to buy products spontaneously. There is also the possibility of making a present to another user in form of a coupon.


How does the purchase of Points and the payment with PayPal/Credit Card work:

The points you buy here will be added to your balance immediately after the checkout succeeded.

How does the purchase of Points and the payment per invoice work:

You will at that point receive an order confirmation to your mailbox. Therein you will find our account information. As soon as the transferred money has registered in our accounts the purchased Points will be added to your account balance.

How does the purchase of gift cards/coupon codes and the payment per PayPal/Credit Card work:

After clicking “Continue” you will receive an email containing the coupon code (including attached a pdf gift card) within 48 hours.

How does the purchase of gift cards/coupon codes and the paymend per invoice work:

After clicking &lqquo;Continue” you will receive an order confirmation to your email inbox. Therein you will find our account information. As soon as the trasnferred money has registered in our accounts you will receive an email containing the coupon code and attached a pdf gift card.

Which format do you offer your data in?

Music and audiobooks are available in MP3 format from our downloadstore. Albums are packed as zip-archives. eBooks are available in the ePub format (we are working on making them available as .pdf and .mobi files as well shortly). To transfer your files to a portable player you can use any software of your choosing, moreover there is no need to worry about compatibility since MP3 is supported by almost every portable player.

What is a zip-archive?

A compressed (minimized) file which contains all songs of your (album) purchase. This way you are able to download an album with just one click. Zip-archives can be “extracted” by most newer operating systems or software like WinZip.

Is there the possibility of redownloads?

Yes, songs you have purchased are available for a maximum amount of five redownloads for one week after your purchase. You can find all available downloads in your account.

Which webbrowsers are required to run the music download shop?

Older versions of the different browsers do not support all current standards. Therefore you should always use the most current version of your browser. Furthermore JavaScript must be enabled to use the store.

further FAQ's will follow here ...

Upload Help

General Conditions Licensing Agreement Upload

It is prohibited to upload songs to to which you do not own the rights. All productions, remixes, cover versions and lyrics containing material from third parties no matter of their extent or length need (written) consent of the owner of the rights.

Any violation of this means that substantial costs and damages will be lying ahead of you. The owners of rights, especially labels, are usually very determined to move against infringements with massive claims for damages. Since profimusic only acts as the mediator of your data, you alone are responsible to the authorities and the respective owners of rights. Faced with a corresponding inquiry we are forced to give out your contact details to third parties.

Registration and Activation

Rights & Copyrights

Which rights do you have to assign to us?

We only need the digital distribution rights for your songs from you. All further rights (i. e. copyrights, rights to masters, publishing rights, ...) stay with you.

Are you allowed to upload a conversion or a remix?

Only with written consent and approval of the respective owners of the rights.

Can I also sell music by thirds or others?

No! And this is your responsibility. We are only offering you a distribution platform which enables you to sell your songs. When uploading your songs you have to grant that you own all right to the songs. Snippets (even if they are only 1 second long) or if only individual vocals of other works are contained you also need to acquire the rights.


Who can become an uploader?

Everybody if you are more than 18 years old. It is prohibited for under 18 year olds to sign up as uploaders.

Do you publish any songs, ebooks, audiobooks and teachings?

We only publish songs, audiobooks, ebooks and teachings which meet our criteria for Christian music, audiobooks, ebooks or teachings. These criteria are decided by us and we do not have to justify a rejection.

Customer Account

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

Enter the email address with which you registered here and we will send you instructions on how to change your password.

What can I do when I cannot remember my username (email address)?

Please contact our customer service. For a charge of 35 Points we will be able to reset your account.

Input of Data

In which format do you need my songs?

Audio data can only be uploaded in wave format with the following settings:

  • 2 Channel Stereo
  • PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)
  • Constant Bitrate
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • 16 Bit per Sample

eBook data has to be uploaded in the following formats (no DRM):

  • ePub
  • PDF
  • mobi

All data for teachings has to be uploaded into a folder. Only the following file formats are permitted (all other files will be deleted automatically). Should your teaching require a file format not listed here please contact our customer service before your upload.

  • pdf
  • wave or mp3
  • avi or mp4
  • psd, tiff, jpg, png, gif
  • doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x)


Do I need a cover?

Yes, you do. It needs to follow these requirements:

  • Formats: jpg, jpeg or png
  • max. file size: 4,0 MB
  • Dimensions: long edge has to be at least 1400px and no more than 2400 (quadratic cover is required for music)

Can I use an existing cover?

No. Artwork, pictures and graphics are also protected by copyrights. For the use of pictures you also need the written consent of the respective owner of the rights. Please note that you alone are liable for the data you provide.


How long does it take to publish?

On our portal the uploaded products are usually published within 48 hours of us receiving the files.

How can I advertise with banners on

Please contact us through this link.

How do I get into the newsletter of your shop?

Please contact us through this link.

Are you also working as a label?

Yes, we are also active as a label, distributor, management and promotional agency. Should you be interested please contact us through this link.


I do own a label and have a lot of songs to upload. Is there a way to fasten the upload and the listing of the songs?

Please contact us through this link and we will find an appropriate solution.

The upload of the files does not work

Please contact us through this link.

Technical Questions/Software

Which FTP-Client should I use?

There are clients for all OS's. Most of them are freeware. We recommend the use of the following clients:

Clients for Windows:

Clients for Mac OS X:

  • Filezilla
  • Cyberduck (through Mac App Store)


Which formats do you support for eBooks?

We are currently offering our customers ePub, PDF and mobi files.

What is an ISBN?

The ISBN (International standard book number) is a number to distinctively mark books. Through this 13-digit numerical code each book is unmistakable globally.

Are you also a publisher?

Yes we also work as a publisher and distributor. Ja, wir arbeiten auch als Verlag und Vertrieb. Should you be interested please contact us through this link.

Step by Step Guide for Uploading

This step by step guide for uploading shows you all steps necessary to publish your product in our download shop.


  1. Registration as a customer: In a first step you will have to open a customer's account in our shop. In order to do this please navigate to this page and there sign up as a new customer. Should you already have opened an account you will be able to login from that page.
  2. Registration as an uploader: After successfully opening a customer's account you can register as an uploader on this page. All you have to do for this is to confirm your personal data and enter the data we need to be able to transfer you the money your products will be making you.
After successfully registering as an uploader you are ready to upload your first products. Please make sure to have the following information/data at hand:
  • EAN/UPC of your product: An EAN/UPC is required for the upload of your product. Should you not be in possession of an EAN you have the opportunity to order one through us. Choose the type of product you want to upload on this page. On the following page you can order the EAN.
  • The following information about your product: Artist/Author/Teacher, official title, price, release date, copyright information (esp. for music).
  • Cover: The long edge of your cover has to be between 1400 to 2400px and only jpg, jpeg and png files are allowed.
Make sure to have this information and the cover image close by, so the upload process goes through without any problems.

Entering Your Product's Data

  1. To upload a product choose its type (music, book, audiobook, teaching) on this page.
    • Music: Albums, sampler, singles, ... With these products single tracks are offered for download as well as the purchase of the whole album for a bundle price. Also where you wish samples will be added to tracks. You also have the opportunity to offer a digital booklet with the album download.
    • Book: Your book will be offered for download as an ePub. You can add a subtitle as well as a short description of the contents.
    • Audiobook: Your download will be a zip file. This can be an audiobook but also an audio drama. Just as with the books you can add a subtitle (if needed) and a short description.
    • Teaching: These are also offered as a zip-file and can contain movie, text, presentation, image, as well as audio files.
  2. After choosing the type of your product you will see a page where you enter general information about your product (EAN, tile, artist/author, langauge, release-date, price), resp. where you are able to order an EAN. Please complete all required fields and then click the “Save and Continue” button.
  3. In the next step you have the opportunity to enter information about the artist/author/teacher. This information will be displayed on the product page. The more information you provide the more likely customers will interact with you resp. get to know you. Once the information is saved you will be able to recall it from the dropdown menu when entering more products. Please be very careful that you enter correct links resp. profile names and click the preview links to make sure they work properly. Once everything is entered click the “Save and Continue” button.
  4. You will now see an overview of the biographical data you have just entered. You also have the opportunity to provide a picture of the artist, author or teacher. To upoload an image choose one from your file system and click “Upload”, to continue click the “Save and Continue” button.
  5. Now you will have to enter detailed information about your product. This process differs depending on your product's type:
    • Music: We are gathering detailed data about the individual tracks here. Should anything be unclear please check out the help popups on that page (question marks). After you have entered the data for all tracks you get to an overview page where you also have the opportunity to edit tracks. Once you are satisfied with the information click the “Save and Continue” button.
    • Book/Audiobook/Teaching: Here you can add the book's, audiobook's or teaching's subtitle and description (synopsis). Click the “Save and Continue” button to proceed.
  6. Following is the cover upload. Please make sure your cover is quadratic if you are upoloading music. Other aspect ratios are allowed for other product types. You can find further file requirements directly on the upload page. Choose your file and click “Upload”. After a successful upload your cover will be shown. If you are satisfied click the “Save and Continue” button to continue.
  7. With this step all data has been entered and the upload process is almost finished. You are now looking at a complete overview of your product. If needed you can use the sidebar to go back and edit certain parts you are not yet satisfied with. Once you are satisfied click the “Save and Continue” button to finish up the upload process.
  8. You firstly have the opportunity to get your products into third party shops through us (i. e. iTunes, Spotify, ...). Should you wish this, please choose the respective point on the page with which you accept the licensing agreement. Otherwise click the “Save and Continue” button to get to the general licensing agreement and finish up your order.
  9. After accepting the general licensing agreement we will review your product within 48 hours. After finishing our review we will send you an email containing instructions for the upload of your files and if necessary demands for adjustments you will have to make to your product.
Within 48 hours after you have uploaded your data according to our instructions your product will be published in our shop (if the requested adjustments have been made).
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