Terms and Conditions

  1. We always aim to serve you to your fullest satisfaction. Fair terms and conditions are a huge part of this.
  2. We only offer products for which we have secured a license to sell.
  3. The contract is entered into by our order confirmation which accepts the contract proposal you made through your order. This order confirmation contains the essential contents of your order.
  4. Should any questions about our terms and conditions arise please contact us through this link.
  5. profimusic gmbh only records data that is crucial for the fulfillment of the contract and only uses these data for the procedure of the order and to ease the shopping experience of returning customers as far as possible and wished.
  6. Personal data is handled confidentially in accordance to the data protection act. profimusic gmbh does not share data with third parties. The information will never be used or sold for third-party advertising. However we are obliged to collaborate should we be forced so for legal reasons to share customer information.
  7. Our terms and conditions are based upon Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is Lucerne.
  8. Claims for sold articles have to be made within 8 days. Should a compensation delivery be possible charges for a rescission of sale or a markdown are ruled out.
  9. Our and our legal representative's as well as our vicarious agent's liability for actual fault is limited to intent and acts of gross negligence. This does not apply for a violation of essential obligations and missing assured features.
  10. Articles cannot be returned or exchanged because they do not please. The exchange or return of data storage devices containing sound, pictures or information are not possible for reasons concerning copyright protection. We cannot guarantee that certain products will fulfill your desired purpose.
  11. Payment: The payment is done with Points which can be bought per invoice, PayPal, credit card, gift cards or other means of payment profimusic gmbh offers.
  12. On our sites there are links to external pages on the internet. The following applies to all of those links: We state expressively that we do not have any influence on the design or contents of linked pages. Therefore we distance ourselves expressively from all contents of all linked pages on our site and do not make us their contents our own. This statement applies to all links on our pages and for all contents of pages to which links on our page lead.
  13. Only the German version of these terms and conditions apply. All translations are only for information purposes. profimusic gmbh does not guarantee the correctness of the translations.
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