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profimusic gmbh originated in the vision to make christian music more popular and known generally. Christian music is awesome! And that is exactly what profimusic gmbh wants to achieve through her work. Over time further fields of activities were developed i.e. profibooks (books). In the meantime profimusic gmbh is working in diverse areas like i.e. as distributor, publisher, in promotion and management as well as in the media world.

The place of business of profimusic gmbh is Castel San Pietro (TI) in Switzerland. Roger Lustenberger is the founder and active CEO of profimusic gmbh.


profimusic gmbh only offers christian media. A digital platform for christian media is operated on www.profimusic.com. Part of this platform is an online shop as well as several possibilities to have us do distribution, consulting and promotion.

Christian Media

Christian media are inspired by the best message there is. By the message of the bible about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Songwriter T. Bone Burnett has found a very fitting definition for christian music: „If Jesus is the Light of the World, there are two kinds of songs you can write. You can write songs about the light, or you can write songs about what you can see from the light.“

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